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Postby laphmo » 22 Jul 2009, 16:36

The number of automatic registrations by potential spammers has been increasing, as has the number of inactive users. As a result, new measures are being input on a trial basis to help curb pollution of our Forum. From this date forward, REGISTRATION BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS CLOSED !!!!
Does this mean we do not want new users? No, it means that we want only legitimate users. If you are a legitimate crown cap collector or have an interest in crown caps you must go through a new process. You must now be sponsored by a current member in good standing of the Forum. It is up to you to contact this person and present your case, establish your legitimacy.
To our current users- if you are approached by a potential new member that you know through the collecting community, please feel free to recommend them to your Administration team. However, if you are not confident that the person contacting you is a legitimate collector, or has a legitimate interest, do not recommend them.
If you wish to sponsor a new member, please forward the details to me, either through the Forum or direct by email. Please advise me of the person's name, home country, collecting interest and requested user name. I will then register the person.
Another point- we have a considerable number of "inactive users". These are people who have registered with the Forum but never made a posting. On a regular basis, I eliminate these accounts. Once you become a registered user, you are expected to make at least an introductory post in the Members Describe Themselves section. Failure to do so will result in deactivation of your account. For current users, if you have never made such a posting, please take a minute to do so. If you have already posted elsewhere on the Forum, you will not be deactivated as an inactive user.

Should you wish further information on the above information, please feel free to contact me, either through the Forum or my email. It is sincerely hoped that these changes will relieve some of the unwanted load on the Forum and will discourage spamming and other negative pursuits. Thank you for you patience and assistance during this transition.
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