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Posting in Unknown Crown Caps

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2010, 01:08
by laphmo
Although there are no hard and fast rules in regard to posting images in the Unknown Crown Caps section, there have been a number of concerns raised by members.
This Forum is comprised of many very helpful collectors who enjoy the challenge of helping their fellow collectors identify mystery caps. However, there are a number of items that can make the experience more beneficial and pleasant. :)
Please, do not put massive quantities of caps in the same post. It is very difficult to keep track of them, what with scrolling up and down or having to make lists. There is no set amount that is manageable, personally I do not like to see more than 20 at one time. If you have more, make a separate post. You are asking for help from your colleagues, why not make it easier for them. :P
There are plenty of resources out there on the internet that can help us identify caps. I check a number of places (see the links section) before posting a group. When I have caps with a name on them, I will often use the Search function on the Forum to see if they have been previously identified. :?:
If I see a scan of 40 or so caps and I know that most of them can be easily identified, with a little bit of work, I am very hesitant to start posting the results. People can become a bit resentful at having to do the work for someone else who has put little effort into it themselves. :roll:
The above being said, this is still the most helpful group of people that you can expect to come across. Let's not take excess advantage of it.
The above are my opinions and do not necessarily reflect the Administrators of the Forum or even the majority of members. You have the right to disagree with me. :idea:

Re: Posting in Unknown Crown Caps

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2010, 20:36
by laphmo
Another point that a member has brought to my attention- be sure to state in your post what information you require. For example, do you just need country or do you want the company name and the product. I know most people do specify this. By the same token, if a collector asks for country and name of brewery and/or product, providing only the name of the country is often of little use. In many cases we know the country it is from, just not the producer. On a personal note, thanks again to everyone who has helped me with identifying crowns. :D